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Femmes Fatales (Art book by Maureen Cummins)The Business is Suffering (2003 Art book by Maureen Cummins) was inspired by a collection of business correspondence discovered by the artist in the archive of the American Antiquarian Society.  The letters, which date from 1846 to 1863, were written by prospective buyers, sellers, and "agents" in the field to the slave-dealing firm of R. H. Dickenson and Bros., of Richmond, Virginia... CONTINUED
Crazy Quilt (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Accounts & Deeds (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Stocks & Bonds (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Femmes Fatales (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)The Business Is Suffering  (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Far Rockaway (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)The Flag Project (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)
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