Maureen Cummins
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Detail from Ghost Diary (Art Book from Maureen Cummins)"... vintage negatives were used to complement, rather than literally illustrate, Rhea’s text. The subtle, shifting surfaces of the negatives, which switch in an instant from positive to negative, reflect the strange duality of the narrative, leaving the reader with an abiding sense of man’s mortality, the proximity of life and death, and the haunting presence of the past." Exerpt from Ghost Diary, Artist Book by Maureen Cummins
Ghost Diary (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Divide & Conquer  (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Anatomy of Insanity (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Cherished, Beloved, and Most Wanted  (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Salem Lessons (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)
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