Maureen Cummins
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Cherished, Beloved, and Most Wanted (by Maureen Cummins)"However, when the viewer opens the album to find it filled with stark photographs of numbered men, their heads held in place by devices that resemble instruments of torture, the effect is emotionally unsettling. These men clearly “do not belong” in society, much less in cherished family photo albums..." Exerpt from Cherished, Beloved, & Most Wanted, Art Book by Maureen Cummins CONTINUE
Ghost Diary (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Divide & Conquer  (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Anatomy of Insanity (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Cherished, Beloved, and Most Wanted  (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Salem Lessons (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)
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