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Tools in Maureen's studioMaureen Cummins established her first printshop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in 1993. She spent a wonderful, productive decade there—-in a reconverted factory over­looking the Gowanus Canal-—amid a rich and flourishing artistic community. Now she works out of her upstate home, a former boarding house built in 1840 that overlooks the Rondout Creek in High Falls, New York. Cummins’ studio is filled with arcane relics from another era—linen-bound ledgers, cabinets of metal type, and collections of old tools. A visitor once described stepping through her doorway as "going back in time." Others have likened the studio to "a temple to printing" and her press-—a #3 Vandercook proof press that weighs half a ton-—to a sexy black locomotive. ... CONTINUED
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