Maureen Cummins
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Detail from Far Rockaway, Artist Book by Maureen Cummins(2005) Far Rockaway is one side of a romantic correspondence written by Jules, a "hellishly insignificant, plain school teacher." to his lover Ben, a "worldly, luxurious, aristocratic boy."  Written during the years 1906-1909, the letters document the couple's clandestine meetings at the seaside resort of Far Rockaway... Contined
Crazy Quilt (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Accounts & Deeds (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Stocks & Bonds (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Femmes Fatales (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)The Business Is Suffering  (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)Far Rockaway (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)The Flag Project (Artist Book by Maureen Cummins)
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